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With life getting more expensive, we’re all feeling the squeeze. Choosing to install solar panels on your home can help you make big savings of up to 80% off your electricity bill.

Palau Solar has partnered with the National Development Bank of Palau to offer a low-interest, easy loan payment plan to cover the cost of your solar panels. Don’t worry, even with the loan repayment, you’ll be saving on your current monthly energy bills. Our team at Palau Solar can have you up and running in no time. Homes with solar panels are generally worth more than those without, so if you’re a homeowner, you’ll be adding value too. You’ll also be doing your bit for Palau, the environment and the planet to help give your family a cleaner, brighter, more energy-efficient future.

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Your local solar experts

Palau Solar understands renewable energy. Our parent company, Utilligence, works exclusively in the field of renewable energy connectivity, helping to power solar, wind and hydrogen power on projects worldwide.

We have a local, bilingual team of expert installers, all trained to the highest standards to ensure that your solar installation is fitted quickly, easily and with minimal fuss.

Why is solar good for Palau?

By choosing solar, you’re helping Palau to become less reliant on outside fuel providers and helping us build our own, locally-run clean energy projects and a skilled solar workforce on the islands. We’re on a mission to become a center of excellence and export our solar skills to other islands in the region, and beyond.

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What is the net zero 2050 goal?

Palau is one of many countries committed to halving its carbon emissions by 2030, and eliminating them completely by 2050. This is part of our wider plan to become the world’s first carbon-neutral travel destination, helping preserve our important environment and ecosystem.

The reduction of greenhouse gases is considered essential by Palau. It is promoting a number of measures to cut greenhouse gases by reducing pollution and developing more sustainable ways of living, including how we generate our energy.

Moving to net zero isn’t just a Palau thing – it’s a global initiative that many countries are aiming to achieve in the coming years. We all need to work together for a cleaner, brighter future for our planet.

How is solar energy good for the environment?

The more people that choose renewable energy, the less our reliance on fossil fuels becomes.

Fossil fuels are limited, which means they are becoming ever more expensive (as we’ve all seen with the increase in our energy bills). Clean, green solar power is a natural, local source of energy that doesn’t depend on other countries’ imports.

There are no harmful carbon emissions with solar power generation, which means the air that you breathe will be cleaner and there will be fewer allergies and air quality issues.

There are no pollutants needed to make solar energy – helping to keep our seas, waterways and land clean, helping to protect not just us, but our animals, plants and wildlife too.

Solar uses considerably less water to create energy than fossil fuels, meaning we can preserve the fresh water we need for ourselves.

We do not need to be dependent on other countries for our power if we all make the move to solar. This means that the countries that control fossil fuels will have no influence over how Palau works and operates. It helps the nation of Palau to take control of its future.

What our customers say:

Our electric was around $300 per month. Now we’ve installed solar, last month it was 29 cents!

It was very transparent and they were very helpful in assisting us with the solar installation process.


Installation was pretty simple. It took a few hours.

With the warranty, you have 10 years knowing if anything happens, it’s okay.”


They were really good at explaining everything. I really understood everything.

Solar panels are really helping with the cost of electricity here.


About Palau Solar

Palau Solar is a subsidiary of Utilligence, created to design, supply and install domestic solar power throughout the archipelago of the islands of Palau.

Through a project with the Asian Development Bank, Palau Solar is transforming the islands with renewable energy. Using solar panels on government-assisted housing, the country is taking its first steps towards net zero and fighting climate change in a region that is extremely vulnerable to meteorological and economic instability.

Working alongside the islands’ grid operator, PPUC, Palau Solar is helping to develop a reverse power flow grid that will benefit not just the residents who are in receipt of the solar panels, but the country as a whole, as it will be able to decrease its reliance on external, carbon-heavy power sources.

The local team at Palau Solar has 18 employees from the area, helping to create economic opportunities in this innovative, yet challenging market.

The company is headquartered in Airai State, Palau.

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