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Want to save money on your energy bills?

As the cost of living is increasing, we’re all looking for ways to save. Getting solar panels on your home is a simple way to slash the cost of your energy bills.

Palau Solar is working with NDBP to give households in Palau cost-price solar roof panels. But this government scheme is strictly limited – there are only 800 kits in total available via this scheme (and most of our customers are choosing double panel kits, halving availability), so only the first 4-500 homes to apply will be eligible for this great deal to get solar panels at cost price.

Don’t delay – apply today!

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Affordable solar energy for everyone

We aim to ensure that everyone is eligible for our great offer. We’ll only approve your application if our cost calculator proves that you can make great savings on your monthly energy costs by installing domestic PV solar panels.

We’re offering a low-interest loan through the National Development Bank of Palau, with flexible repayment terms to suit your circumstances. Through this scheme, we’re ensuring that everyone who successfully applies will see savings on their energy bills, once the monthly loan repayment and the solar bill are combined, compared to what you’d pay on your regular electricity tariff.

What are you waiting for? Get your free, no-obligation solar panel quotation today by speaking to our team.

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Why get solar?

Developing a dynamic, stable grid that can manage reverse power flows is part of what will be a multigenerational power solution that takes the country towards net zero. The Palau project is ongoing, with an estimated compassion date of June 2024.

Enjoy energy independence

Huge savings on your monthly bills

10 year warranty

Installation in a day

A greener future for Palau

Help preserve your local environment

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The Energy Financing Project offers low-interest financial assistance for Palauan homeowners to purchase and install solar home systems. The Government of Japan contributed around $3 million USD towards the project, through the Asian Development Bank’s ‘Japan Fund for Prosperous and Resilient Asia and the Pacific’ (JFPR), which enables NDBP to offer the loan program for on-grid solar home systems for just 400-500 households.

Presently, we have just 800 systems available as part of this program. Most households are choosing double panel systems for maximum savings, and once these 800 systems are gone, they are gone. Don’t miss out – enquire today.

  1. Get in touch to register your interest.
  2. We’ll carry out a preliminary application and NDBP will pre-approve your solar loan.
  3. Palau Solar will arrange a visit, to ensure your roof is suitable for solar panels and to determine the best solar panel configuration for your home.
  4. We’ll show you the different options, including a single or double-panel installation (five or 10 panels) and the savings you can expect for both options.
  5. You tell us which option you’d like and NDBP will close your solar loan and arrange financing.
  6. Palau Solar will contact you to agree on an installation date.
  7. We’ll come and fit your solar panels, and liaise with PPUC to connect your new solar panels to the grid and ensure your new bills are correct.
  8. You sit back and enjoy the savings of your new solar energy system!

Palau Solar designs, supplies and installs domestic solar power throughout the archipelago of the islands of Palau, east of the Philippines in Micronesia.

Through a project with the Asian Development Bank, Palau Solar is transforming the islands with renewable energy. Using solar panels on government-assisted housing, the country is taking its first steps towards net zero and fighting climate change in a region that is extremely vulnerable to meteorological and economic instability.

Working alongside the islands’ grid operator, PPUC, Palau Solar is helping to develop a reverse power flow grid that will benefit not just the residents who are in receipt of the solar panels, but the country as a whole, as it will be able to decrease its reliance on external, carbon-heavy power sources.

The local team at Palau Solar has 18 employees from the area, helping to create economic opportunities in this innovative, yet challenging market.

The company is headquartered in Airai State, Palau.

The National Development Bank of Palau is 100% government-owned. Its corporate objective is to actively promote environmentally friendly economic development in all sectors of the nation through the provision of low cost capital to deserving enterprises. They offer a range of affordable loans for projects including solar, fishing and agriculture loans.

They are offering homeowners loans of up to $10,000 to cover the cost of solar panel installation, repayable over 7-10 years, at a low interest rate of just 4.5%. Panels are provided to you at cost price, making this offer an excellent deal for householders looking to install solar for their homes.

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) supports projects in developing member countries that create economic and development impact. On 29 July 2022, the first home solar system was installed in Koror, Ngesaol by ADB’s ‘Disaster Resilient Clean Energy Financing Project,’ funded by the Government of Japan. 

Palau Public Utilities Company works with Palau Solar to ensure that your new home solar power system is safely and correctly connected to the grid and they also fit the meter in your home. All PPUC work on domestic solar installations is handled by a special department, working directly with Palau Solar. Don’t worry – as a customer, you don’t need to do anything.


Palau Solar is working with NDBP, to ensure that paying for your solar panels is easy. Working together, we help to ensure you’ll be approved for a low-interest loan which covers the cost of the panels and all the setup and installation costs. If there are any works that need doing on your property to enable access to your roof, or to carry out basic preparations, we have a grant of up to $500 available, to help cover any costs.

You repay the loan over 10 years, with a regular monthly repayment. Don’t worry, you’ll still be financially better off than if you were paying regular electricity bills.

Through this program, the panels are provided at cost price to you – there are no profits taken, giving you the best value if you’re thinking of getting solar installed for your home.

Loans are available for amounts between $3,500 – $10,000 per project or applicant, depending on the size of your installation and any large-scale preparation work needed.

Your solar panels are covered with our 10 year warranty program for any damage or failure too!

The total cost for your solar panels is $10,000 for a standard 10 panel installation, including full 10 years warranty.

Mouais saw her electricity bills drop to $29 in month one, and then just 29C in month two.

Most homeowners can expect to see savings of between 70-85% on their monthly electricity bill. Our cost calculator will show you how much you can save – speak to our team today.

The loan with NDBP is for a standard 10-year term. If you wish to have a shorter loan period with higher monthly repayments, or pay off your loan in full at any time, NDBP will be happy to accommodate you.

The interest rate on a loan for solar panels is just 4.5%.

That means over the cost of a 10-year loan of $10,000, you’ll repay a total of $12,436.61 over 120 monthly payments of $103.64.  

Our team is here to help you with the process of securing your loan with NDBP. Speak to one of our team, and if you’re interested in seeing if you’re eligible (with no obligation) we’ll help you take the next steps to getting your loan pre-approved.

When you meet with NDBP to apply for your loan, you’ll need to take the following details to your appointment:

  1. A title deed or lease agreement for your property
  2. Two recent pay stubs per applicant
  3. SS or pension certification, if applicable
  4. Proof of any other income, if applicable
  5. A copy of your passport or driver’s license
  6. Details of any other loans you currently have
  7. 3-6 months of your last energy bills
  8. Information on your household residents

You’ll need to attend an in-person meeting with NDBP at their office in Koror to apply.

Contact our team to book your slot. Do ensure you have all your documentation ready for this meeting – not doing so will slow your application for this limited offer.

No. Anyone is welcome to apply, whoever you bank with.

As the Government of Palau is supporting this program, we’re trying to ensure everyone who applies will be eligible for the loan. While it is ultimately the decision of the bank, we do all we can to help support your application to be approved.

From the first month! How big your savings are, depends on a number of factors – how many solar panels you have fitted, the amount that they generate (this can depend on how much cloud there is or the direction that your roof faces), but expect to see savings upwards of 70% per year.

To be eligible for subsidized solar panels, you need to take out a loan with NDBP. Once they have been installed, you are able to pay off the loan in full, should you wish to do so.

Yes! Please speak to NDBT if you wish to clear your loan before the end of your loan term.

Presently, Palau Solar only works through the loan application process with NDBP. You must set up a loan through them and make payments via monthly escrow. Early repayment of your loan, however, is possible, if you wish to clear your loan sooner.

You are obliged to take out a warranty, capped at a maximum of $140 per year for a 10-panel system for the duration of your loan term.

Your warranty covers your panels and all your solar components, for full replacement or repair if you need it during your warranty period.

The warranty covers your solar panels for 10 years from the date of installation, and also covers the inverter, mounting equipment and electrical accessories. To ensure your warranty remains valid, you undertake to ensure that your equipment is maintained to the manufacturer’s requirements and any work is carried out by Palau Solar.

If you do encounter any issues with your solar panels, just give us a call. We’re here to help.


A standard installation of 10 solar panels is usually completed in just one day. Access or height issues may mean your installation takes longer, but we aim to have your new solar panels installed as quickly as possible.

Once your loan is approved, we aim to have you up and running within weeks.

Use our form to get in touch and our team will guide you through the process, which includes a free home site survey by Palau Solar to check that your roof is suitable and to ensure we create the best solar panel design for your home.

If you do need to do work on your site to enable access is possible, such as removing trees or shading, we’ll talk you through what’s needed. There is a $500 grant available, free of charge, to cover any basic groundworks or roof preparations. If more extensive work is needed, the cost for this can be included in your loan.

Most of our customers feel that the savings and value offered with a 10-panel (double) solar kit is the best option for them, but we also offer single, 5-panel kits too. Get in touch, and our team will discuss the best option for you and your home and the savings you’ll see with both options. Then, the choice is down to you.

As part of your application, we offer a free home survey to ensure your roof is ready for solar.

Unfortunately, at the moment, Palau Solar is only offering installation on houses, but be sure to check back to see if we extend this offer to apartments in the future.

Yes! The government is encouraging all homes on the island to consider switching to solar panels as part of its renewable energy program.

This depends on your rental agreement. Get in touch and talk to our team and we’ll do our best to help.

Get in touch and speak to our team – we’ll see if we can help and are working hard to ensure solar is available for all households, however they currently pay for their electricity.

Our solar panel program is available to any Palau residents, irrespective of which island you live on.

We’ll do a full site check before installation to ensure that your roof is able to support solar panels. There is a free, $500 grant available which covers any basic work needed to get you solar-ready.

Our panels and roof fixings are built to withstand Palau’s challenging weather conditions. If a storm hits, and your solar panels need repairs, these are covered by your 10-year warranty.

Yes! We can now offer battery storage options for some of our customers. Get in touch to find our more. 


With the unique climatic conditions of Palau, ensuring your solar panels are operating at their optimal levels of generation is vital.

One of the main contributing factors in the drop of generation is accumulated dust particles building up on the panels.

Dirty solar panels can lose around 25% of generation and efficiency, with recent research showing potentially up to 50% drop in performance compared to a clean system.

It is critical to maximise the light getting to the solar panel surface, in turn maximizing your generation and financial reward.

We have all the necessary cleaning equipment and know how, at all heights and solar panel layouts. Let us safeguard your solar installation to produce maximum electricity and continue to save you money.

There is full 10-year service and warranty program with all our installations, meaning that if anything does go wrong, you simply give us a call and we’ll quickly get it fixed at no cost to you. Your warranty covers your solar panels for 10 years from the date of installation, and also covers the inverter, mounting equipment and electrical accessories.

Yes. It’s important to clean your panels regularly to ensure they remain as efficient as possible.

Our team will show you what’s needed. For anything else, it’s taken care of as part of your warranty program.

Yes! While it’s normal that your solar panels will generate more energy on clear, sunny days, we’re lucky to live in Palau where we can really benefit and save money with our sunshine! Even on cloudy days, your solar panels will still be harvesting energy and giving you savings off your bill. Here at Palau Solar, we have our solar panels on our office roof and even on cloudy days, our system still generates a 60% return.


If you choose to go solar, the energy you use is tracked on a meter, just as it would be for regular electricity. Any excess that you generate gets put back into the national grid, which helps us become less dependent on power generators, gas and oil for the whole country’s fuel needs. The more of us who choose domestic solar PV panels, the more we can become less dependent on outside countries to meet our fuel requirements. This means there is more money to spend on other areas, to help continue to grow Palau and invest in our people. 

Palau Solar has invested in the people of Palau to build and train a local workforce to deliver the solar program. We believe passionately in the necessity of using renewable energy worldwide, to make the planet a better place for us all. 

Many countries in the world depend on other countries to help supply their energy. When we choose solar, which is powered by the sun, we need less of the energy that causes pollution (like diesel generators and imported fuel). Solar is cleaner, greener and local. There are fewer toxic chemicals, potential for fuel spills, or environmental damage with solar energy. It’s also reducing our dependence on other countries to meet our energy needs and reducing the costs of those needs, so people and governments have more money in their pockets to spend on other projects.

Imported fuel comes at a high cost that we can’t control. Becoming less reliant on it gives the Palau government more money to spend on helping the people of Palau. A cleaner source of energy is good for our environment and helps to reduce the impacts of global warming. It helps the air we breathe, the seas we swim in and the rainforests and biodiversity we love.